Technological development have been radical influence on style.

Computer Graphics, Virtual img, 3D, Simulation, WEB design, Digital Video, Virtual and Real img integration have a profound effect on new media.

New 3D Virtual Reality have a major influence and have dominated the style of design and product design.

The simulation of product design shape and structure enable to trial the product before they ever get to prototype stage eliminating potential problems before they are ever incorporated into the project.

Files originated on design serve to generate rapid prototype and rapid tooling introducing a completely new way in product development.

These themes define the main rank of LabGraph's expertises.

Training, entertainment, architectural design, restoration, modeling & simulation, illustrate complementar talents. Architects, engineers, medical innovators, restoration experts, enterprises, universities and others pioneers rely on LabGraph's concepts in ways that just few years ago, could only be imagined.

Developments in new media technology occurring rapidly and regularly involve new strategies for distrbuting production. Interactive multimedia production can be provided by CD-ROM, DVD, Network and even digital TV.

The key advantage of Network technology concerns the universal library concept. Network technology give access to all kinds of information all the time.

A CD-ROM or DVD consists of a single disc carrying a finit amount of information. In contrast only a small part of computers are connected or have a high speed connection, but the computers majority have a CD/DVD player.

Complete line of display systems for 3D visualizations and Virtual Reality including WEB 3D manipulable animation. Special features include real-world attributes, which allow to elasticize objects as well as apply gravity, friction, density, winds; real-time interactive performance, which lets animated objects interact each other in real time, with physically realistic result.

Complete control over object or environment behaviors. animation techniques, which use algorithms or mathematical expressions to drive the movements of objects or volumes over time.

Designing true performance features like screen "holography" 3D animation power. Human design and ergonomics 3D modeling and animation that enable to include human body dynamics in design products, equipment, and facilities.

From engineering to entertainment astounding accomplishment, specially when consider the laboratory average for such a project is ten to fifteen days. Virtual computer technologies that has been producing the most powerful graphics, combining the excellent quality and rendering to span the gap between the imagination and reality.
Advanced technology that will make even
greater animation programs.