Design and model are LabGraph's main expertises.

The development of aesthetic forms, functionality, quality, economic, communication, and the innovation competence for differentiation of the similar products.

LabGraph's products convince due to a high degree of perfection in form, function and quality.
Design is essential and decisive factor for the presentation of products and enterprises. A strategy that increases corporate success.
So much for the theoretical approach to the practical realization of a design strategy, LabGraph is involved in deep researches on new materials, new physical properties, new functionalities, new production facilities.

Dealing professionally with design on the basis of innovation preferences, increasingly and recognizing the connection between design and purpose is one factor for success in design process.

The search for new-related solutions always leads to new technological innovations.


LabGraph has invested time and talent into design and technical realization with industrial highly effective solutions.

An essential component of our strategy. LabGraph industrial design is focused on the sum of all involved technologies essentially materials engineering, materials research, dynamics application, and the conditions to improve the products use.

The recent technological innovations that will have great impact on manufacture.

These new technologies introduces a decisive factor and a strategic tool in product design and development.

By working closely with major Rapid Prototype and Rapid Tooling research centers, LagGraph has implemented many enhancements to meet a high-end modeling and products needs.

Having roots in highly complex modeling applications and industrial process chain makes LabGraph well suited to tasks like the development of new products series.



The ability to build theses sort of models, moulds tools, industrial systems design, allows to compete successfully for the product quality and market results.

Fast Prototype,
Fast Tooling are strong components essential to new product development.