Technologies / Methodologies / Tools

The next pages introduce within LabGraph's development process activities, methodology and standards toward an original design style. 

Each one of these information and sequential links provide sufficient resources and qualitative information essential to indentify opportunities and quality services.
The information will promote the use of the new tools and adoption of these advanced technologies practices.
Due to the nature of modules, software and hardware integration, based methods are very efficient in terms of resources and time.

This leads our customers to significant financial saving and image quality.

The achievement of objectives require key actions to improve product quality, performance and development team productivity.
Standards, practices and instructions to create, update and utilise re-usable software components have been produced.
The expected benefit is not only cost effectiveness, but also the ability to shorten the delivery time which may be a decisive advantage to fit customer requirements.
A well advised strategy is necessary to progress toward the overall objective.

Structured Information

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. Industrial Design
. Factory of Factories
. Architecture
. Training
. WEB design
. 3D Simulation
. Educational Media
. KM - Knowledge Management

Click here to download the VET player, to manipulate in real time 3D simulations and animations in this site.