Simulation Library

Furniture Catalogue

Catalogue High-tech Furniture ® (Patent Pending)
3D Manipulable
New technology PP furniture

Viewpoint Plug-in
950 Kb
ADSL 128 = 54 sec
Modem 28.8= 252 sec

Piscines equipment simulation

Piscine Equipment Catalogue 3D.
Main representation for Technologies in four modules from layers to 3D manipulable animated.

Viewpoint Plug-in
953 Kb
ADSL 128 = 60 sec
Modem 28.8= 260 sec
Piscines Environment

Architectural display 3 samples using 3D manipulable to perform project display.
Evolution from project studies to final plan.
Viewpoint Plug-in
950 Kb
ADSL 128 = 57 sec
Modem 28.8= 252 sec

Ports Training

Animated 3D manipulable for ports training.
Logistics and Operating training.
Available Interactive programmable.

Viewpoint Plug-in
274 Kb
ADSL 128 = 17 sec
Modem 28.8= 77 sec
Ports & Logistics Training

Ships Chart for Ports and Logistics Training.
Sample integrating Information and 3D Manipulable
Viewpoint Plug-in
237 Kb
ADSL 128 = 14 sec
Modem 28.8= 67 sec

Irradiating HMSPP

Irradiation Plant for Plastics Irradiation Simulation.
3D Manipulable Animated.

Viewpoint Plug-in
198 Kb
ADSL 128 = 12 sec
Modem 28.8= 56 sec
Process Simulation

Operating Milling Machine 3D Simulation.
Stratoconception® Process Simulation.
3D Manipulable Animated
Viewpoint Plug-in
242 Kb
ADSL 128 = 15 sec
Modem 28.8= 67 sec

Stratoconception ®

Présentation video Virtual Milling Machine.
Quality Patterns and Model used for Simulation.

Video AVI Divx - Flash
1800 Kb
ADSL 128 = 12 sec
Modem 28.8= 79 sec
Robot 3D
Manipulable Animated 3D Robot interface for Automation.
Available Programmable or integrated to Command Control.
Viewpoint Plug-in
95 Kb
ADSL 128 = 6 sec
Modem 28.8= 26 sec
Logistics Storehouse

Sample - 3D Manipulable Animated Storehouse
Integrating main logistics actions, allows to evaluate principal Storehouse bottleneck.
Viewpoint Plug-in
1074 Kb
ADSL 128 = 65 sec
Modem 28.8= 301 sec
Logistics Storehouse

Video AVI from precedent simulation
Video AVI
Flash Player
2572 Kb
ADSL 128 = 155 sec
Modem 28.8= 721 sec
Saint-Jacques Gate - 3D Manipulable

The "Castle" is a brilliant archtectural and restoration work from traces left of the original building. The integer work takes part in a sequential presentation, explaining the process

Viewpoint Plug-in
114 Kb
ADSL 128 = 7 sec
Modem 28.8= 32 sec

Saint - Jacques Castle- Medium

The "castle" in more large 3D Manipulable Media.

Incorporating patterns and reducing "weight" for WEB presentation.

Viewpoint Plug-in
690 Kb
ADSL 128 = 41.4 sec
Modem 28.8= 194 sec
The Big "Castle"

The big castle in a very light "weight". The presentation can be improved in quality with more twenty percent in files size.
Viewpoint Plug-in
950 Kb
ADSL 128 = 57 sec
Modem 28.8= 270 sec

Boat-Show 3D

Boats require special modelling skills, and deep knowledge for details.
The new rich media are quite suited for boat presentation, mainly in reason of shape importance. The quality can be improved with light files.

Viewpoint Plug-in
234 Kb
ADSL 128 = 14 sec
Modem 28.8= 66 sec

Process- Resin Injection in Composite Material

The process simulation is a sample part of an integer cycle.
New Composite technologies request details presentation to present the process goals.

Viewpoint Plug-in
239 Kb
ADSL 128 = 15 sec
Modem 28.8= 67 sec
Process - Composite mould tool operating

Integrating the precedent simulation, the process of moulding composites.
Viewpoint Plug-in
462 Kb
ADSL 128 = 28 sec
Modem 28.8= 130 sec
Chemical Plant

Sample showing chemical plant for training or project
Viewpoint Plug-in
202 Kb
ADSL 128 = 13 sec
Modem 28.8= 57 sec
3D Transformed to 2D

Training requires transforming 3D views in 2D to integrate light media as Flash. The movie permit to have the 3D virtual reality in simple and light WEB presentation.
Flash Player
489 Kb
ADSL 128 = 30 sec
Modem 28.8= 137 sec

Safety on Work Environment

The movie allows training in light flash movies from 3D. Impressive scenes have more effects on training.

Flash Player
797 Kb
ADSL 128 = 48 sec
Modem 28.8= 224 sec
Architecture Simulation Interface
Architecture services interface among LabGraph and clients for displays development.
Main Information and production data.


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Since one year Viewpoint Corp closed and sold his name to other corporation, with no other download server for the Viepoint Media Player.

So we redirect the download of Viewpoint Media Player Plug-in to our own server systems with the last version trustworthy.

The Viewpoint Media Player plug-in is most valuable 3D handle in the TI history and we have several important works done. We will not give up with this technology.

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Never download the Viewpoint Media Player Plug-in from Internet.

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Our version is a sample originary from Viewpoint Corp you may install and remove as you want.

It's very small and very usefull for 3d catalogs, 3D animation and 3D simulation you may handle with your mouse.


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